Digital Video  
Device Description  
LF2242 12/16-bit Half-Band Interpolating/Decimating Digital Filter  
LF2246 11 x 10-bit Image Filter  
LF2247 11 x 10-bit Image Filter with Coefficient RAM  
LF2250 12 x 10-bit Matrix Multiplier  
LF2272 3 Channel, 12-bit Colorspace Converter/Corrector  
LF2301 Image Resampling Sequencer  
LF3304 Video FIFO  
LF3310 Horizontal/Vertical Digital Image Filter  
LF3311 Improved Horizontal/Vertical Digital Image Filter  
LF3320 Horizontal Digital Image Filter  
LF3321 Improved Horizontal Digital Image Filter  
LF3330 Vertical Digital Image Filter  
LF3347 High Speed Digital Image Filter with Coefficient RAM  
LF43168 Dual 8-Tap FIR Filter  
LF48212 12 x 12-bit Alpha Mixer  
LF48410 1024 x 24-bit Video Histogrammer  
LF48908 Two Dimensional Convolver  

LOGIC Devices has a long history of maintaining a best-of-breed portfolio of Video and Image Processing products. The bulk of our Video products are capable of HDTV resolution and data rates. Our portfolio includes HDTV Frame Buffers, Image Enhancement Filters, Scaling Engines, and Colorspace Converters. Our Video Products are widely used in Broadcast Video, Video Editing, and High-end Display Equipment.

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