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Logic Devices is an established name in the digital video market, having been involved in the video chain continuum from one end to the other

Using LOGIC’s SD/HD video-optimized solutions and support, customers launch differentiated video equipment quickly and cost effectively in a number markets. Development costs often make up a significant proportion of cost in industrial applications. With video-optimized solutions from LOGIC Devices such as its video products line, development time and costs can be significantly reduced across the entire video chain.

LOGIC Devices is focused on developing high performance digital integrated circuits for applications requiring high-density embedded memory, high data rates and low power consumption. LOGIC Devices' product solutions meet the requirements of leading broadcast video, medical imaging, networking, surveillance, instrumentation, and telecommunications companies.


Digital Video


LOGIC Devices has a long history of maintaining a best-of-breed portfolio of Video and Image Processing products. The bulk of our Video products are capable of HDTV resolution and data rates. Our portfolio includes HDTV Frame Buffers, Image Enhancement Filters, Scaling Engines, and Colorspace Converters. Our Video Products are widely used in Broadcast Video, Video Editing, and High-end Display Equipment.


Arithmetic Functions


LOGIC Devices continues to supply legacy DSP building blocks such as ALUs, Multipliers, DDS blocks, Coordinate Transformers, and Pipeline Registers.

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