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Logic Devices is an established name in the digital video market, having been involved in the video chain continuum from one end to the other.

LOGIC Devices is focused on developing high performance digital integrated circuits for applications requiring high-density embedded memory, high data rates and low power consumption. LOGIC Devices' product solutions meet the requirements of leading broadcast video, medical imaging, networking, surveillance, instrumentation, and telecommunications companies.

Most LOGIC products are available in either GREEN or with leaded solder terminals. Our products are in numerous medical, industrial, military, and communications systems around the world.



Check out the exciting new products from LOGIC Devices in our short form New Products Catalog. Includes our product road map for 2013, part number decoder charts, and assembly process flows.



High speed density integrated memory modules. Currently up to 4GB dual channel addressing in 16 x 22 mm package. Available in economical commercial, industrial, extended temperature and full military temperature ranges. Speeds to 1866 Mbs. Word widths to 80 bits. Request samples today. Ideal for single board computers, man portable equipment, and handheld devices where space is critical.



Asynchronous SRAMs. Ceramic DIP, SOJ, and LCC packaging. Available from stock for zero lead times. Fast and low power.


LOGIC continues to support our legacy products. When you design in a LOGIC Devices chip, you can be assured we will be your partner for the life of your product. See our line of video filters and DSP building blocks.

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