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LOGIC Devices re-enters the SRAM sourcing market with a 1Mbit, 128K x 8 product grouping.  All of our 1Mbit product members are available in multiple speeds, multiple hermetic package footprints and be offered with either one or two chip enables.  Our initial hermetic package offering will include a variety of industry standard, hermetic packages.    All devices will be available as LOGIC or DSCC SMD branded product.  The DSCC 1Mbit, 128K x 8 SMD’s to be supported are the 5962-89598 drawings.

LOGIC Devices’ Initial, as well as follow-on SRAM products, are targeted for the Military, Hi-Reliability and Industrial markets with target applications including Missile Defense, Command Control and Communications, High Density Imaging arrays, Data Recorders, as well as, Embedded real time arrays.

LOGIC Devices is currently accepting orders for all 1Mbit, 128K x 8 product variants.

See a complete listing of LOGIC Devices DLA/DSCC SMD products


Features and Benefits

CMOS 128K x 8 Static RAM single or dual chip enable (CE) offering
Separate WRITE and OUTPUT enables
High speed, 15ns at 125˚C
  -Active: 140mA max
  -CMOS standby: 5mA max
  -2V data retention: 750 mA max
Operating current, -L version
Current package offerings
  -32L 0.400" CSOJ
  -32L 0.400" DIP
  -32L Quad LCC
  -32L Dual LCC
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