LOGIC Devices offers the world's fastest, smallest, and least expensive integrated DDR3 memory modules. These modules are an ideal solution for single board computers where space is limited and the connectors for conventional DIMM modules pose a vibration and reliability problem. They are available in full military temperature ranges, offering both speed and temperature extremes not available with commodity DRAMs. In addition to reduced board area, these modules improve signal integrity problems that can be challenging at these high speeds. Customers find that the complexity of the main circuit board can be reduced by the integration of many connections into a single package. These modules also provide system level advantages in networking applications where more channels can be integrated onto a single board, ultimately resulting in fewer racks of equipment and less floor space. This higher level of integration provides enhanced system performance by reducing connection lengths on 10 and 40Gbs switches and routers.


Features and Benefits

Fastest: to 1866 Mbs
Smallest: 4 Gigabytes in 16x22 mm package
Multichannel architecture for flexibility in word width, depth, or application
Low profile packages for tight board to board spacing
Tight pin to pin skew design for fastest operation
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