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Video and Imaging Solutions

Digital TV

Flat panel displays (LCDs, plasma display panels, plasma low-profile, and liquid crystal on silicon) and video projectors receive, decode, and display digital video streams from a variety of sources. Frame buffering video is required when supporting multiple input video formats. LOGIC’s video products line simplifies the task of manipulating and buffering video and greatly reduces development time and cost.

The heart of the LCD HDTV is its image processing and timing control block (shown in Figure 1). The image processing block typically includes functions such as scan rate converter, frame rate converter, color decoder, motion detection, scalar, and de-interlacing. Resolution, brightness, contrast and clarity impact define the visual experience. It is critical for TVs to support multiple ATSC DTV formats, NTSC and PAL decoding, composite and S-Video inputs and 2D adaptive filtering. As HDTV rolls forward, supporting full HD at 1080i resolution with 3D adaptive filtering will be the standard.

Figure 1. Typical LCD TV Interface Block Diagram

Digital set-top boxes (DSTBs) receive and decode television broadcasts from satellite, cable, and/or terrestrial sources. Integrated digital televisions (DTVs) have built-in digital tuners, demodulators, and source decoders – making set top boxes redundant.

Traditional DSTBs are designed to receive standard definition (SD) Moving Pictures Experts Group-2 (MPEG-2) video format broadcasts. However, many of today’s DSTBs are high-definition (HD)-ready. In fact, selected cable television service providers, networks, and local terrestrial TV stations are concurrently transmitting both SD and HD content. Over time, MPEG-4 will displace the MPEG-2 format for both SD and HD.

High-end DSTBs may also offer personal video recorder (PVR) and/or a DVD recorder functions. Microcontrollers in DSTBs or integrated DTVs can perform a number of functions for these systems, including control panel management and on-screen display (OSD).

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