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LOGIC Devices is an established name in the digital video market, having been involved in the video chain continuum from one end to the other.

Video Chain Image

Using LOGIC’s SD/HD video-optimized solutions and support, customers launch differentiated video equipment quickly and cost effectively in a number markets. Development costs often make up a significant proportion of cost in industrial applications. With video products from LOGIC Devices, development time and costs can be significantly reduced across the entire video chain.

Spend more time on Product Differentiation and Less time Juggling Frames

With each step closer to the viewer, frames of video content are held/buffered and manipulated by frame buffer memories. Although these components work in the background with little visibility, costly development effort is required to implement these buffering systems. LOGIC video products reduce development costs by simplifying the handling of video frames, removing/reducing costly memory controllers, and shortening development cycles.

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