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Image Manipulation

For applications requiring manipulation of frames or images, LOGIC’s video products provides the engineer with built-in flexible addressing capabilities. Without the need to develop a complex memory controller, significant time and resources are saved. More time can be spent on product differentiation.

Figure 1. VideoFlip 22

Figure 2. 2d Address Figure 3. Video Flip 4

Complex Memory Controller Built-in

No other solutions on the market integrate full-frame HD densities with on-chip addressing control. For example, video streamed into the device can be mapped onto a 2-D address space. A stream of 8-24bit video can be streamed into the memory, writing to an incrementing write pointer (such as FIFO), while the ‘read’ side of the memory reads data/pixels as if mapped to a 2-D address space. Pixels are access through an X/Y or Horiz/Vert address port. Applications include image rotation, region of interest extraction, etc.

Figure 4. Video Memory Image Rotation

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