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Frame Synchronization

LOGIC’s video products provide with a simple solution for video stream synchronization, a key requirement in a number of applications, without the need for implementing awkward (and costly) glue-logic.

When processing a video feed from a remote source, such as a satellite feed, which exhibits phase and frequency wander – it must often be aligned and timed to a reference clock prior to downstream processing. In other words, the feeds’ timing must be synchronized or locked to a reference timing or clock domain. This requires each incoming video frame to be written into a video FIFO by the ‘remote’ clock domain and effectively delayed by some amount of time before being released (or read out) via the reference timing and clock domain.

LOGIC’s video products provides an immediate, off-the-shelf frame buffering solution for synchronization - allowing engineers to spend more time on product differentiation and less time juggling frames.

Figure 1. Video Memory Synchronization Satellite

Figure 2. Video Memory HDV Camcorder Satellite

Figure 3. Video Memory Security Framegrabber

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