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LOGIC Devices has been providing high performance application specific circuits for industrial and defense systems for nearly 30 years. LOGIC products have supported the transition of studio broadcast equipment to high definition broadcasting and the conversion of movie theaters to digital media. They have been used in high resolution medical diagnostic imaging systems, the telecommunications network backbone, and semiconductor test systems. Widely recognized defense programs including the Sincgars radio, the JDAM smart bomb, classified intelligence gathering systems, as well as many lesser known programs have relied on LOGIC products.

LOGIC strives to provide quality products in a timely manner at a competitive cost. LOGIC is a DLA SMD supplier. We treasure our relationship with our customers, our suppliers and our employees. To these ends we maintain support for our products for the full life of the systems they are used in; we develop our products in full compatibility with our suppliers' mainstream production capability; and we promote the on-going training and education of our employee team as a business priority.

You can rely on LOGIC Devices to meet your specific requirements with leadership products and responsive support. We are excited by the explosive growth of our capabilities. Our culture is: Technological Leadership Through Engineering Excellence. Reflecting our excellence, from time to time LOGIC has licensed its intellectual property to a number of prominent companies over its history. Our customers are among the largest, most technically demanding entities. We appreciate the opportunity to work with such companies. Bottom line - we solve problems.

Our solutions offer greater computation rates, lower cost, and lower power consumption than alternative approaches. Using our experience in high-speed data path and embedded memory development, with a structured custom design methodology, our chip solutions involve highly optimized, integrated, and dedicated high-speed computation functions. We work closely with customers to define the features and performance required to meet demanding requirements. The Company is continuing to increase its activities in related complementary core technologies with algorithm and mixed signal efforts, while relying on standard advanced lithography semiconductor process technology provided by wafer foundry sources.



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