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  We know that LOGIC Devices is only as good as its team. We are a small highly focused team. We know we can only win if we employ the best and the  brightest. We need people who are excited about electronics technology and its impact on the world. People who are committed to do whatever it takes to meet the customer's needs. People who may have special knowledge in a particular aspect of the industry and who enjoy working within a team of diverse but equally exceptional individuals. We need people who love people and who love to work. We expect much more than the average company. In return, we offer higher than average compensation, we insist on your continued educational growth which we support both financially and with time away from work, and we provide exceptional opportunities for internal organic growth and learning. You will always be challenged slightly beyond your present abilities. We are loyal to our team and we do not suffer office politics. If this sounds like an ideal opportunity for you, we are anxious to hear from you. At various times we have a specific need. At all times we will consider an exceptional individual even if that individual's skills are not our most critical need. We have found that if you draft exceptional players you get exceptional results. Be forewarned, our standards are exceptionally high.

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